Please contact us for orders:

Order process:

  1. Contact us by Email or Telegram,
  2. Confirm your order, And offer receiving address,
  3. Make payments,
  4. We ship out your product.

Payment Options:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. USDT
  3. CIM (USA only)
  4. CashApp (USA only)

Time of Arrival:

  1. USA orders usually takes around 3-7 days, Domestic USA, USPS,FEDEX, UPS ,
  2. European orders ship from Netherlands or Germany, it takes around 3 days to prepare and then 3-5 days deliver ,
  3. UK orders takes around 5 days, RoyalMail.
  4. Scandinavia Region takes around 10 days shipping from our partner in Sweden by EarlyBird or partners in Netherlands, Please confirm before order.
    We are proud to say that we are professional shipping to Scandinavia Region.
  5. South America, Brazil & Mexico orders takes around 2 weeks, 
    Colombia orders takes around 1 week. 100% pass.
  6. South Africa orders takes around 3 weeks or more.