About US

The RC team have been into the chemical compounds markets for over a decade, in the recent 4 years since 2019, we slowly transfer business to the current production line.

RC labs strives to bring high quality raw products at affordable prices to People all around the world. Being as the head source of the production line , we have the lowest operation cost, and we have the best offers to customers with what RC Labs believes is the most affordable price point for the quality products that we greatly pride ourselves on.

The Global shipping system.
We can ship to every corner of the world.
We’ve used the global resources we’ve accumulated over the past decade or so to create a complete global package shipping system.
The current global warehouse in Europe countries that supports local delivery (Domestic shipping),  Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Poland; UK;
USA warehouse, Canada reship warehouse,
Australia warehouse.
We send your package from the nearest warehouse, so everybody who placed order with us will receive their package in the fastest way.

The RC team have been on many forums in the past years, S.is forum, EG forum, JF forum, etc. We won the Sponsor of the month on S.is in June, 2022, But unluckily that forum went down, that makes us to have the thought of  building our own community. That’s the reason for building this site.We’ll post the most recent shipping info on the site, so you guys will know how things are going.
We are still on the EG forum and JF forum, and we are glad to invite you guys to join the community.